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The idea for this untraditional and unique Eau de Vie was given to us by young and creative Todd Perry, one of the spirits buyers at a popular liquor store (Liquor World) in Cambridge Massachusetts. 

Absolutely exceptional Eau de Vie that carries the taste of carrots- a unique composition between sweet, fruity and more harsh or even a little bitter flavours.


Brand: Bulgari Distillery,

Vegetable Variety: Carrots

Bottle size: 375 ml.

40% Alc/vol, (80 proof)

Type: Eau de Vie, Rakiq, Raki, Tsipouro, Rakija, Ракия



Buy Bulgarian Rakia Online in USA and Canada

Bulgari Distillery Handcrafted Carrot Eau de Vie (Strawberry Rakia), Ракия от Моркови

  • Carrot Eau de Vie
  • 40% ALC./ VOL (80 PROOF)
  • 375 ml
  • Inspired by Todd Perry
  • Source carrots - USA, Canada
  • ABSOLUTELY NO chemicals used for sterilizing the carrot wine
  • OTHER NAMES: Carrot Brandy, Bulgarian Rakia, Rakiq,Ракия от моркови, Brandy, Akvavit, Aquavitae, Damassine, Grappa, Kirsch, Pálinka, Palenka, Ouzo, Tsipouro, Raki, Rakja, Schnapps, Rakija, Ракия, Ракија, Raki, Eaux de Vie, Kirschwasser, Eau de Vie
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