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Gewürztraminer, from German, literally means "Spice Traminer"or "Perfumed Traminer", and that translation perfectly reflects this aromatic Grappa, rakia (ракия, raki, tsipouro).

This grape variety originally comes from the Alsace region in France and likes colder climates.

We decided to make this Grappa , Rakia, ракия from Gewurz because if fermented with proper yeast strain and at the right temperature it has aromas of roses, passion fruit and floral notes. By the way Gewurz contains the same aroma compounds like lychees .  Cheers !!! 


Brand: Bulgari Distillery,

Grape Variety: Gewürztraminer

Bottle size: 375 ml.

40% Alc/vol, (80 proof)

Type: Grappa, Rakiq, Raki, Tsipouro, Rakija, Ракия



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Bulgari Distillery Gewurz Grappa,  Ракия, Gewurz Rakia


  • 40% ALC/ VOL (80 PROOF)
  • 375 ml
  • Source of grapes: California, Washington, New York
  • ABSOLUTELY NO chemicals used for sterilizing the wine
  • OTHER NAMES: Grape Brandy, Gewurztraminer Bulgarian Rakia, Rakiq, Българска Ракия, Brandy, Akvavit, Aquavitae, Damassine, Grappa, Kirsch, Pálinka, Palenka, Ouzo, Tsipouro, Raki, Rakja, Schnapps, Rakija, Ракия, Ракија, Raki, Eaux de Vie, Kirschwasser, Eau de Vie
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