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Historians find the origins of the most popular Muscat grapes varieties back to the ancient Egyptians and Persians of early antiquity (c. 3000-1000 BCE) while some believe that the family of Muscat varieties were propagated during the period of classical antiquity by the Greeks and Romans.

Traditional Grappa (rakia, raki, rakija, ракия) made from Californian Muscat . This Grappa (rakia, ракия,raki, rakija) is very typical for the sub-Alpine region of Northern Italy.

This Grappa has a well balanced and very elegant rose, peach and citrus notes.


Brand: Bulgari Distillery

Grape Variety: Muscat

Bottle size: 750 ml.

40% Alc/vol, (80 proof)

Type: Grappa, Rakiq, Raki, Tsipouro, Rakija, Ракия



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Bulgari Distillery Muscat Grappa, Мускатова Ракия, Muscat Rakia


  • 40% ALC/ VOL (80 PROOF)
  • 750 ml
  • Source of grapes: California, Washington, New York
  • ABSOLUTELY NO chemicals used for sterilizing the wine
  • OTHER NAMES: Grape Brandy, Muscat Grappa, Bulgarian Rakia, Rakiq, Мускатова Ракия, Brandy, Akvavit, Aquavitae, Damassine, Grappa, Kirsch, Pálinka, Palenka, Ouzo, Tsipouro, Raki, Rakja, Schnapps, Rakija, Ракия, Ракија, Raki, Eaux de Vie, Kirschwasser, Eau de Vie
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