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This Beetroot Eau de Vie carries the amazing earthy aroma of freshly cut red beets. A superior spirit that gives off aroma like freshly plowed earth or a field after a rainstorm. Will be appreciated by real connoisseurs.


Brand: Bulgari Distillery,

Fruit/ Vegetable Variety: Beetroot, Red Beets

Bottle size: 375 ml.

40% Alc/vol, (80 proof)

Type: Eau de Vie, Rakiq, Raki, Tsipouro, Rakija, Ракия




Buy Bulgarian Rakia Online in USA and Canada

Bulgari Distillery Handcrafted Beetroot Eau de Vie (Beets Rakia), Ракия от Червено Цвекло.

  • Beetroot Eau de Vie
  • 40% ALC./ VOL (80 PROOF)
  • 375 ml
  • Source of beets - USA, Canada
  • ABSOLUTELY NO chemicals used for sterilizing the wine
  • OTHER NAMES: Beetroot Brandy, Bulgarian Rakia, Fraise, Rakiq, Ракия от червено цвекло, Brandy, Akvavit, Aquavitae, Damassine, Grappa, Kirsch, Pálinka, Palenka, Ouzo, Tsipouro, Raki, Rakja, Schnapps, Rakija, Ракия, Ракија, Raki, Eaux de Vie, Kirschwasser, Eau de Vie
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